Stardew Valley Game – pros and cons

Stardew Valley is not just a chic and chic game that combines a sandbox and RPG. If you are looking for a game you can play for the evening to pass by, with Stardew Valley, you may not get out for days.

You can do anything you want, you can be a farmer, mine ore, fish, explore a rather big map around the town, perform small tasks of residents, meet with a local magician, build yourself a nice cottage with filled with girls. The game has residents of the city (which can help you in development). Stardew valley Pierre — the resident Pelican. He owns the local store.

Each branch of the game is carefully designed. Fishing and farming are very interesting and almost never boring. There are lots of characters and all of them are pretty interesting. There are skills associated with each occupation in the game Stardew Valley.

You can better engage in a particular craft, as well as learn recipes for new foods. You can also hook up with one of the local girls; it is a girl because half of the entire population of the town is made up of females.

Pros of the Game Stardew Valley

+ Great opportunities to customize your farm and construction.

+ There is always something to do. Moreover, the day is almost never enough for all things.

+ You can find yourself a girl, although it is a virtual one.

+ The game is becoming more popular, and as soon as possible a workshop will be added, the developer has already talked about it in an interview, fans immediately closed up all sorts of mods and additional characters.

Cons of the Game Stardew Valley

– You can walk on the beds and plants will be nothing.

– Products do not deteriorate. Fish can lie in the chest for a year.

– You can’t slaughter and cook animals. You can only sell/collect their milk and so on. This is a farming simulator or simulator of a vegetarian.

– The mines are too light. Already on the 50m floor, you will be available to buy a sword of obsidian and shoes. Then, even the monsters of the last dungeon can be easily stumbled.

Also, you will find a lot of different events of different nature, the weather in the form of flying petals of the Sakura tree, a little mystery, beating slugs with a wooden sword, elegant music and a good story, low price. All this creates a perfect mix, with which you can spend another week, skip school and get a ton of fun.

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Stardew Valley Game – pros and cons