A spunky cosplay of Lina from Dota 2.

Model Alina Aneli made a cosplay of Lina, the fiery beast from Dota 2. For the basis of the costume she took an outfit from the line of Smoldering Journey items, which appeared in “Dota” in 2015. Photos are published in “VKontakte”.

Lina is a proud and willful girl who was sent by her parents to live with her aunt in the Mizrula Desert, where her destructive gift had fewer consequences for those around her. “Fire is a good servant but a cruel master,” Lina believes.

At the ESL One Berlin Major 2023 tournament, Lina’s character was not picked once: the heroine was toned down in patch 7.32e. In the previous season, she was one of the most sought-after picks: in The Lima Major 2023, the character appeared 54 times (61.11% winrate).

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