Towers in League of Legends

The tower is a heavy fortification that blocks the advance of minions. Each tower has a very powerful attack, but can only attack one target. Please note that the tower instantly changes the target it attacks if you start attacking an enemy champion standing under the tower. In other words, if you suddenly decide to kill an enemy champion under his tower, it will be extremely difficult to do this, since the tower will immediately begin to attack you, protecting its hero. For practice, we suggest using smurf accounts from


All towers have 775 attack range and 1095 vision. Towers can see absolutely all invisible objects or enemy champions. The projectiles fired by the tower fly at a speed of 1200.


First of all, we should highlight the very first towers that stand on the line, since some interesting mechanics are associated with them and these towers are quite different from others.


The first towers have the largest health reserve of 5000 units, but initially they do not have the greatest defense (40 physical and 40 magical defense). But don’t count on being able to quickly destroy the first tower. The fact is that every time a tower loses 1000 units of strength, its defense increases. That is, already at 4000 units of strength, the tower’s defense will increase by 30. When the tower has 1000 units of strength left, the defense bonus will be 120 and it will be quite difficult to penetrate such armor. At the beginning of the game, five temporary plates appear at the outer towers. For every 1000 units of damage received, the tower loses one plate (plates do not have their own health). On the minimap, the number of plates is indicated by a number above the tower. At the same time, for 20 seconds after the destruction of the plate, the tower also receives the Bulwark effect, which increases the armor and magic resistance of all enemy champions nearby by 25. If several plates are destroyed within 20 seconds, the new Bulwark effects are cumulative. As you understand, the destruction of at least one plate leads to the fact that the tower becomes stronger and the enemy champions defending it receive a decent defense bonus.

The tower plates disappear at the 14th minute, causing the tower to lose absolutely all armor and magic resistance. It may seem that in this situation there is no point in destroying the tower before the 14th minute, and it is better to just wait, but of course this is not so. The fact is that for each destroyed plate, nearby champions receive 160 units of bonus gold (which is divided among all nearby champions). In addition, for the first destroyed tower you get a special bonus of 150 gold (the same as first blood for killing an enemy champion). In addition, you need to understand that a destroyed enemy tower gives your team a good tactical advantage. For example, if you destroy a tower on the bottom line, the enemies will be forced to retreat a little back. Otherwise, they may become victims of your forester. In such a situation, it will be easier for you to kill the Dragon, since the enemies will be much further away from it. If you still have good map control through wards, then killing the Dragon will only be a matter of time.

Towers in League of Legends

All other towers differ only in basic characteristics: strength, armor, attack, reward for destruction, and so on. That is, the very first towers on the line are of greatest interest, since they can potentially bring a large amount of bonus gold and give a good initial tactical advantage. Tower plates appeared in the game only in Season 8 and, according to the developers, they were made in order not to give too much of an advantage to those champions who can quickly demolish buildings. That is, even if you wanted to, you will not be able to demolish all the plates in a couple of minutes. This is kind of a way to drag out the initial phase of the game a little, but as mentioned above, the strategy of quickly demolishing towers is still beneficial since you get a lot of gold.


All towers in the game also have a number of passive abilities that you should know about. Often, newcomers die under enemy towers without calculating their strength, and this is due precisely to ignorance of some of the features of the towers. Below are all the passive abilities of the towers.


Penetrating projectiles – the tower penetrates 30% of the enemy’s armor. Tower attacks cannot be dodged. Towers deal 40% more damage to the champion with each subsequent attack, up to a maximum of 120% additional damage.

Fortified armor – if there are no minions or a summoned Herald of the Abyss near the tower, then the tower will receive 66.6% less damage. The tower is also immune to pure damage.

Strengthening – in the first 5 minutes of the game, the tower receives 50% less damage.

As you can see, the tower has very good defense in the first 5 minutes of the game and you certainly shouldn’t destroy the tower without the support of minions. New players sometimes simply get greedy and miscalculate their strength when they try to finish off a tower without the support of minions. Indeed, in this case, not only does the defense increase significantly, but the tower itself will cause more and more damage with each shot. By the way, as the game progresses, the damage of towers gradually increases (unlike other standard characteristics). So this should also be remembered. Please note that the passive ability Fortified Armor only works with minions or the Herald of the Abyss. Any other summoned creatures, such as Summon: Tibbers, will not affect this passive trait.

Towers in League of Legends

Even after the tower is destroyed, debris remains in its place, which some champions can interact with. For example: Poppy skill Heroic Charge, Vayne skill Condemn and Nautilus skill Dredge Line.

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