Minions in League of Legends

Minions are an integral and calling card of every mob game. Essentially, this is a consumable item and a way to get a huge amount of gold and experience. The first wave of minions appears at 1:05 from the start of the match. Each next wave appears after 30 seconds. In each wave, 3 melee minions and 3 ranged minions run. Every 4th wave, minions become stronger and their characteristics increase. Minions begin to deal bonus damage to towers. There are several types of minions and below we will look at each of them. All minions have an initial movement speed of 325. As the game progresses, this figure increases (+25/50/75/100 at 10/15/20/25 minutes).


Minion stats, including gold, gradually increase over time (every 90 seconds). All minion stats reach maximum values at 37:00 unless a different time is specified. Minions only deal 50% damage to towers and champions.

Minions in League of Legends

The strength of minions can be increased with the help of a buff that champions receive for killing Baron Nashor. The buff is triggered the moment the champion comes close to his minions. Visually, pink rays emanate from the champion, which buff minions. Each type of minion receives its own unique bonuses, but there are common bonuses for all types of minions:


Minion movement speed is increased by 90% of the average movement speed of surrounding allied champions (up to a maximum of 500).

Immune to slow effects.

Damage from all mass skills is reduced by 75% (does not apply to super minions).

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