Champion Roles in League of Legends: Basic Information

When you first start playing League of Legends, you’ll immediately notice that different champions have different attack types, different health pools, and other different stats. In this case, champions are divided into magicians, tanks, shooters, and so on. Practice on smurf accounts from Usually, beginners start the game according to the standard scheme, which by the way is used by bots, that is, 2 players go to the top line, 1 player goes to the center and the remaining 2 players go to the bottom line. Not to say that this is a bad scheme, but rather that it is not the most effective.

All champions in the League of Legends are divided primarily by their primary roles. In this case, one player goes to the top line and for this, a certain type of champion is taken, 1 player goes to the center and a magician usually stands here, 2 players go to the bottom line (and one of them only helps the second), and the last one goes to the forest .

This is the most commonly used player layout in various random matches. It is worth understanding that each player performs a strictly assigned role and each of these roles is very responsible and requires a certain amount of gaming experience. Below we’ll look at each of these roles in more detail to give you some idea of what each champion does. This way you can choose the most optimal playstyle for yourself and be able to choose your favorite champion.

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