Jungler (jungler) in League of Legends

Forester is one of the most interesting and responsible roles. From the very beginning of the game, the champion jungler usually buys a Hunter’s Machete or Hunter’s Talisman artifact and goes into the forest. In this case, only one of your ally remains on the top line. To learn how to play jungler, use smurf accounts from happysmurf.com If he stands against two opponents, he will gain levels much faster, but it will also be more difficult for him to stand in the lane.

As a rule, such situations do not happen, since the enemy team will also have a jungler. The peculiarity of this role is that the forester can absolutely calmly swing on neutral monsters and even keep up with his comrades in gold or experience. When players stand in lanes, they can only guess where the enemy jungler is. That is, you can attack one of the lines at the most unexpected moment and greatly help your allies. If you are just starting to try the role of a forester, then I strongly recommend that you read the article Guide to leveling up in the forest (Jungle).


When playing as a forester, you must understand the main thing, your allies expect help from you, that is, you should not get hung up on farming neutral monsters. It is advisable to sometimes attack (gank) the lane and help your allies in every possible way. Before trying yourself as a jungler, I would recommend that you play all the champions to understand all their weaknesses and strengths. The role of the jungler also means that you must constantly use wards, just like your support. Unlike a support, a forester constantly moves around the map and can place wards in different places, thereby protecting his allies from an unexpected gank from the enemy. As a rule, by the 5th minute the foresters have made several lane ganks. If successful, you greatly help your allies, and you yourself receive gold for helping in the kill or even for killing.


In the middle of the game, even junglers and tanks are already starting to move very actively between lines and look for a moment to attack the enemy. Also during this period of the game, it is very important for the forester to monitor the Dragon’s respawn location. Killing this neutral gives a very good buff to your entire team for the rest of the game. If you and your allies kill the Dragon over and over again, you will eventually have a very good advantage over the enemy and will be able to finish the match with a victory. During this period of the game, the jungler is still farming the jungle and, if possible, giving some buffs to his allies. For example, if you don’t really need the blue buff, then it’s better to give it to your mage in the center lane. Due to the additional mana regen, he will be able to easily crush his opponent and gain a good advantage.


At the end of the game, the forester usually runs with his team and kills neutrals only along the way. If possible, it is necessary to kill the Dragon and especially Baron Nashor, the buff from which increases the attack of your entire team, and the minions begin to actively destroy enemy towers and structures.

As a rule, foresters are divided into two types: aggressive foresters and tank foresters. There are also foresters, magicians, and some exceptions, but it’s better to start with simple options. Mostly, players take junglers who are able to farm the forest very quickly and get to the gank lanes as quickly as possible. Foresters and tanks are chosen less often, as they need some time to level up and buy key artifacts.

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