League of Legends is scheduled to have three ranked seasons in 2024, and special “Victorious” character skins will also be introduced

On the Chinese website League of Legends information about the upcoming ranking season has appeared. The main idea to diversify the interests of players was the division of the season into several parts. Starting in 2024, LoL plans to hold not two, but three splits, in each of which players who have reached the rating “Gold” or higher, or played a sufficient number of matches, will be able to get a special skin from the series “Victorious”.
When will the second LoL ranked season end?

The second ranked season in LoL will end on November 20, 2023. The preseason will run from November 2023 to January 2024. The mechanics changes will be introduced on the test servers along with the release of patch 13.21, scheduled for November 21, 2023.
When will the ranked season in LoL start in 2024?

The first split will begin with the release of patch 14.1, scheduled for January 9, 2024. On the same day, midseason changes will be implemented on all servers. The second split will start in May 2024 (the exact date has not yet been determined). The third split will start in September 2024 (the exact date also remains unknown).

The blog also mentions that the Arena mode will return to League of Legends in December. Currently, this mode is available as part of the Battle of Souls event, which will end on the night of August 29. Previously, the developers promised to rework and reintroduce this mode if players liked it, although there are no details about the changes in the piece.

The article on the Chinese League of Legends website was probably meant to coincide with the developers’ video, but was published prematurely. In July, studio vice president Andrew “Meddler” van Roon and MOBA producer Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee promised to release a new blog after the Battle Souls event. This blog is expected to reveal details about the ranking system, plans for the off-season and the new champion, Briar.

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