Valve has unveiled the schedule of Steam sales and festivals for 2024

Valve is already actively making plans for 2024. Below is a schedule of some of the promotions and festivals that will take place in the first quarter of next year:

  • Capitalism and Economics Festival (in honor of money-related games): Jan. 8-15;
  • Pirates vs. Ninjas Festival (as suggested, honoring games about pirates and ninjas): Jan. 22-29;
  • “Games to Be” Festival (a multi-day celebration with game demos, opportunities to talk to developers, and more): February 5-12;
  • Remote Play Together (a festival dedicated to games you can play with friends online): February 12-19;
  • Dinosaurs vs. Robots Festival (as you might guess, dedicated to games about dinosaurs and robots): Feb. 26-March 4;
  • Spring Sale (a significant seasonal reduction in the cost of merchandise): March 14-21;
  • Deck Building Festival (dedicated to card games where you have to build decks. The cards themselves may not be in the games): March 25-April 1.

Valve also reminded that large seasonal sales in Steam are traditionally held four times a year, and the festival “Games to be” – three times a year.

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