Steam’s most anticipated game turned out to be a donation dump

Party Animals’ cute design was eye-catching and hopeful, but the release caused a noticeable wave of discontent. Especially from the Chinese community

Party Animals attracted a huge amount of attention before release. The game was leading the number of additions to the Steam wishlist.

Party Animals release took place and within a few hours the game received 1000+ negative reviews, now the rating is mixed (56% positive reviews out of 6000+ pieces). Much of the negativity flew in from the Chinese community, with the developers also being from China.

The reason for dissatisfaction was the Party Animals monetization system: there is a store and gacha (cosmetic items), also players believe that three years after the launch of the alpha is not enough content, in some regions high ping. According to player estimates for 100 levels of battle pass can get currencies for 2-3 skins (and the offer is regularly updated).


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