Wild Huntress is a cosplay of Nidalee from LoL.

A model under the nickname Cheesu made a cosplay of Nidalee from League of Legends. For the basis of the costume she took the classic skin of the character from MOBA from Riot Games. The photos are posted on the girl’s social networks.

Nidalee is a wild cougar who grew up among other cats. The exact origin of the girl is unknown: she was found in the jungle as a kitten and raised a full member of a large cat family. However, as she grew older, the young puma discovered that she was different from her relatives. When hunters captured and killed Nidalee’s foster mother, blinded by rage, she first turned into a girl. Now she can change her appearance at will and live among humans, but she doesn’t want to: Nidali is forever devoted only to her native jungle, which she will defend from invaders to the last drop of blood.

Nidali’s release in League of Legends took place on December 17, 2009. Over the years, the character has undergone a complete revamp and changed her position from mid to forest. At the time of publication of the material the character is in S-tier, her winrate among users with the rank “Platinum” and above is 50.81%.

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