A charming cosplay of Ari from LoL.

Model Maria Lady Melamori Davidova presented a cosplay of Ari from League of Legends. She took the prestigious skin of Ari from K/DA as the basis of the costume. The photos are published on the model’s page in “VKontakte” and other social networks.

Prestige skin on Ari from K/DA is a collectible image, which can be obtained only for special currency in the event store, it is not sold in the regular Riot Games store. According to the lore, this golden dress was made especially for the band’s performance at the 2019 Roar Shine Awards.

Ari is a popular look in the cosplayer community. Lady Melamori noted that she herself does not cosplay on this champion, but she is attracted to the design of the vixen’s outfits.

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