Amber Heard cosplayed Mercy from Overwatch for Musk during their relationship

Details about the sexual role-playing that Musk enjoys are revealed in his new biography, written by Walter Isaacson.

The author writes that Musk during a meeting with Heard said that the actress reminds him of combat medic Mercy from the video game Overwatch, and the latter was happy to play the role for the billionaire in the future.

Amber spent about two months putting together the costume, which included a white bodysuit, gold halo and tall mechanical wings.

Herd and Musk’s relationship continued throughout 2017-2018, although Ilon first became interested in the actress after seeing her in the movie Machete Kills in 2013. Four years after that, the billionaire flew to the filming of “Aquaman” in Australia and it was there that he hinted to the actress about his love for the Overwatch character.

Heard herself said in an interview with Isaacson that she “was fascinated by Musk’s work at the time” and recalled his tendency to “get involved with women who weren’t right for him.”

“Ilon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him,” the actress added.

Given Musk’s gamer reputation, it’s not surprising that Overwatch and Elden Ring are mentioned in the book. In the latter, Ilon spent an entire night exploring the dangerous Caelid region. He has previously openly stated his obsession with the game, even talking about what the characters look like, which has made other fans of FromSoftware’s game a little uneasy.


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