AD Carry (damage dealer) in League of Legends

AD Carry or damage dealer, this is one of the most important team members, who in most cases at the beginning of the game is sent along with an allied support to the bottom line. For a damage dealer, it is very important to learn how to finish off all minions without exception. This is exactly what the player does in the first minutes of the game. Good minion farming will allow you to quickly buy key artifacts and gain an advantage over the enemy. It is important to note here that you should always keep an eye on your support and your enemies. To learn, use smurf accounts from

You don’t need to focus your attention only on minions. If you see that your support intends to attack the enemy, then first of all you need to help him and only then return to farming. The coherence of the actions of the damage dealer and support most often determines the success of the battle. It is best, of course, to have voice communication.

If you play in a random setting, then it is quite enough to use hotkeys to indicate a target to attack or tell your ally to retreat. It is very important not to die while standing on the bottom line. Since each of your deaths gives the enemy a very large advantage, it will be very difficult to make up for it. Very often the bottom lane becomes the target of the jungler’s attack, so you also need to keep an eye on the minimap and what is happening on the other lanes.


Having received the first key artifacts in your arsenal, you can very quickly destroy the first tower on the line or at least destroy a certain number of plates. After that, you can go help your allies in other lanes. Please note that the damage dealer always moves with his support or with his team. This is due to the fact that the damage dealer usually has a very small health reserve and practically no artifacts for defense. Because of this, you can become an easy victim if you go into battle alone. If you destroy the first tower and your allied jungler is nearby, then you can negotiate with him and quickly kill the Dragon, which will give your entire team a very good buff for the rest of the game. The damage dealer’s task is to constantly farm, push lanes and participate in all battles.


At the late stage of the game, when the damage dealer no longer has free slots in his inventory, he becomes just a killing machine. In a matter of seconds, the damage dealer is capable of killing several enemies. It is important to understand that the damage dealer does not enter the battle first; there are initiators for this. That is, you need to enter the battle a little later. The main task of a damage dealer is to constantly cause damage, setting priorities correctly and under no circumstances die. If the damage dealer dies first, this very often leads to the fact that your team simply does not have enough damage and all your allies are quickly killed. In other words, a damage dealer is a champion with very high damage and very little survivability. As a rule, all damage dealers have a ranged attack, which slightly compensates for the lack of health.

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