Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

On November 7, Arcane, Riot Games’ debut animated film based on the League of Legends universe, premiered on Netflix. The anime was extremely successful: it knocked the much-talked-about “Squid Game” off the top of the charts and received very high marks from critics and audience.

If you haven’t watched it yet or you’re too lazy to spend time watching it, we decided to describe each episode in detail.

Episode 1 (“Welcome to the Playground”)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

with objects. The criminals turn out to be the main characters of the show: Powder (as Jinx was called as a child), Vi and two of their friends.

They find unusual magic stones, but at that moment people return to the apartment. In the hustle and bustle the guys drop one of the magic stones and there is an explosion, but everyone manages to save themselves, and the main characters escape from the chase. Later it turns out that it was Jace’s laboratory.

On the way back to Zaun, the heroes run into trouble – they are strained by an unknown young man and forced to share the stolen goods, but the team gives him and his companions a fight. The heroes come out victorious, but lose all the loot. Powder was responsible for it, so the whole squad condemns the girl. But not Vi.

The guys have a mentor – Wander, one of the main authorities of the city. He punishes the teenagers for the daring outing and declares that they have doomed the whole town to trouble. And so it goes.

The Peacekeepers come to Zaun – the local police force. She protects both cities, but her interests are represented exclusively by Piltover, the lawlessness of the “lower” do not bother them. They are looking for those who robbed the laboratory.

One of the policemen is a woman, she finds Vander in one of the bars. They know each other and are clearly not hostile to each other. It turns out that the antics of the guys have really upset the leadership of the upper metropolis, so someone must be turned in and taken into custody, otherwise more squads will be sent. Wander refuses.

The frame then flips to another location and we are shown two new characters, Silko and an unknown scientist. From the looks of it, it’s Sinjet. The men discuss a chemical reagent, the effects of which are shown to the viewer. A cat is introduced into an aquarium with a small rat, and then signals the rodent to drink the “potion”. As a result, the little guy becomes a monster and destroys the enemy in a second. End of the first episode.

Episode 2 («Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

The beginning of the second episode introduces Jace. He’s a scientist, a bright mind, and an inventor. He returns home exactly as Vi, Powder, and their friends are treading there. After the explosion, the viewer is shown a flashback in which the character and his half-dead mother are rescued by a wizard. Since then, the young boy lights up with the idea of taming magic and using it to bring good to people.

Unfortunately, such experiments are forbidden in Piltover. Jace is arrested and sent on the carpet to the Council, which can banish the inventor from the city. But Heimerdinger – one of the members of the elite circle of society – stands up for him. As a result, he gets expelled from the Academy.

No one supported Jace in his endeavor to master Hextec – a craft with which any mortal can control magic. Not even his own mother, who was also saved only thanks to an unknown wizard. Almost everyone turned their backs on the scientist… except for a young man named Victor.

In Zaun, uneasiness begins to set in. The people of the town are uncomfortable with the attacks of the peacekeepers, so even among Vander’s supporters a riot is brewing. At one point, the guards of the law break into his bar and begin to search it in order to find Vi and Powder, but they fail.

Once again, the frame turns to Silko and a character similar to Synjet. This time the purple mutagen is taken by a man – the same goon who attacked the protagonists at the beginning of the first episode. Judging by further scenes, he will turn into something like Warwick.

Next, three important dialogs take place at once. In the first one, Vi talks to Vander alone and argues that the peacekeepers should be given an answer. The girl’s main reasoning is that she doesn’t want Powder to grow up in such conditions. She treasures her little friend very much.

Then Jace is shown – he is preparing to jump off the roof due to sheer desperation. No one believes in his idea, kicked out of the Academy, even with a close friend Caitlin problems because of this. But the young scientist is stopped by Victor. He inspires the inventor and makes him believe in himself, and promises to help finish the research.

Then Vi is shown again, but this time her interlocutor is Powder. She tries to support her friend in a difficult period, but she is not very successful. The girl gets a little sad, but then they show her mentor again, who with a determined face decides to take action. End of episode.

Episode 3 («The Base Violence Necessary for Change»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

Vi has decided to turn herself in to the authorities in order to protect her loved ones. She stays at Benzo’s shop, a close friend of Vander’s, waiting for the peacekeepers to arrive. Suddenly, the two of them show up there just minutes before the peacekeepers arrive. Vi’s mentor locks her in a warehouse and prepares to surrender to the authorities, but suddenly they are attacked by a powerful monster – the same one Silko and Sinjet created.

Silko knew about the encounter through corrupt cop Marcus, the partner of the very officer with whom Vander has a human relationship. Apparently Silko broke the deal, as he showed up in the middle of the action. The mutagenic monster kills Benzo and cripples Vander, taking him with him. As it turns out, Wander was Silko’s friend, but betrayed him and tried to kill him. This is his revenge.

Vi manages to escape, but she is found by Ecco – he’s been in previous episodes. He followed Silko and knows where Wander was taken. The girl comes home and gathers the guys for a sortie to save a native man, but forbids Powder to go with them. This is done with the best of intentions, but the girl becomes very upset. She sobs and breaks her biters – at this point, the viewer observes the birth of Jinx inside little Powder.

The girl remembers that she still has the magical spheres of energy she stole from Jace’s lab. She decides to make them into a cookie cutter with a very powerful bomb and break Vi’s ban by trying to help her friends.

Vi and company find Wander in an abandoned factory, but that’s when Silko and a whole squad of thugs show up. Vi has taken her mentor’s gloves, armed herself and stands in his defense while her friends get him out and shackled. A beautiful action scene is shown, during which Vi puts down almost all of her opponents… except for that mutant guy. He defeats the girl, but at some point Powder shows up and detonates his bomb.

The moment of the explosion is shown from different shots, but everyone is affected by it. The mutagenic monster is badly damaged (but not dead), both Vi and Powder’s friends are killed, Wander and Vi herself are trapped under the rubble. Silko’s closest subordinate named Sevika loses her arm saving the leader. Synjet catches the explosion in a lab full of reagents and chemicals.

Since the monster survived, it moves towards Vi and Vander lying under the rubble. The man struggles out of the rubble and pounces on the monster, but loses the duel. The monster throws him down to the lower level – right on top of the vials with the chemical. Wander takes the potion and transforms into an even more dangerous monster and saves Vi in the seconds before another explosion.

At the end, Vi mourns Wander’s death, but Powder shows up and rejoices at the explosion because she thinks she helped. She doesn’t yet know about the deaths of all her friends and her senior mentor. Vi lashes out at the girl with rage, punching her in the face and leaving her alone. In a dark tunnel, she is stolen by the cop who ratted out the heroes to Silko a series earlier.

At that moment, Silko appears. Little Powder tells him that her sister left her alone. The villain is familiar with this, as he has experienced the same betrayal. Silko hugs the girl and promises that they will get revenge on everyone. Then they show a shot of Powder’s eye. The little and weak girl has just died, the reckless Jinx is born. End of Act One.

Episode 4 («Happy Progress Day!»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

Several years have passed since Hexteck’s discovery. Piltover blossomed with the invention of mechanical magic and became Runterra’s main port metropolis. And Jace has become the new Bob Dylan of the science world, his face on huge posters all over the city and even on coffee mugs. He’s so cool that he’s been entrusted to give a speech at the 200th Day of Progress, Piltover’s main celebration.

Meanwhile, at the port, a group of criminals led by a recovered Sevika smuggle a mutagen into the upper city. They bribe the customs officer, and he prepares to let the shipment through as a squad of criminals in mysterious gray crates suddenly appears. They attack the group and disarm and then hijack the ship in order to destroy the substance.

Two members of the attacked group headed to the hold, but there was a trap waiting for them there – many bombs in the shape of cookie cutters. Jinx was waiting there, maturing and very well trained. Growing up Powder also managed to become a celebrity, but only not because of her bright mind, but because of her ruthless killing and destruction. She blasts two of her attackers and first appears on camera and then gives the rest of us a fight.

But as soon as she knocked the mask off one of her opponents, she saw a girl with pink hair that looked a lot like Vi. The same one who had abandoned her on the street in the rain after punching her in the face. She kills her in cold blood and temporarily loses her mind, grabbing a machine gun and destroying almost all of her valuable cargo.

Jace and Victor show Heimerdinger the new inventions with Hexteck’s help. The scientists managed to stabilize the magic crystals and strengthen their density. Thanks to this, they were able to create two devices: massive gloves that allow them to lift huge weights, and a laser arm controlled by a gauntlet with a stone inside.

Then Caitlin appears in the frame. She arrives at the crime scene where Jinx “worked” earlier and finds one surviving criminal. As it turns out, the girl has long been conducting her own investigation and trying to cover an authoritative group. However, the girl is not popular among colleagues – those know that Caitlin managed to become a police officer thanks to her mother’s connections. Her supervisor was the same policeman from the first act, who laid the deal with Wander and ruined his partner.

Then Zaun is shown. The town has also blossomed and looks much more solid – because of Silko, who became its head and brought in a lot of money. Apparently, not entirely by honest means. There’s a lot of neon, bright color, and colorful characters in the shot. For a second you think that this is what Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to look like.

Jinx feels guilty about Silko. Apparently, she has very warm feelings for him after he picked her up on the street. She apologizes for what happened to the cargo and decides to steal the Hextec crystal from Piltover.

During the evening when Jace is supposed to give a speech, he is met by Medard’s counselor. The same one who helped him get into the lab and finish Hexteck’s research in Act One. He complains to her about Heimerdinger, who is trying to restrict the scientist from finding Hexteck’s beneficial properties. The counselor hints to him that he should not listen to his mentor and it is much better to announce to the world new inventions that will make Piltover even richer.

During the speech, Jace made a spectacular introduction. He had prepared a speech with an option to present new inventions, but at the last moment he refused right on stage and caused an awkward pause in the show. He then spectacularly ended the show and was able to get out of the unpleasant situation.

A reckless bomber stages a sabotage in the upper city right during Jace’s speech. During the incident, almost the entire squad with which Caitlin was working dies. After the explosion, the detective manages to spot Jinx.

Caitlin clings to another thread and tries to interrogate the prisoner who survived the incident with Jinx. It turns out that someone beat him severely in prison, so severely that he lost the ability to speak. The detective wonders who would do such a thing and is pointed to another cell. When she goes to the window, she sees a girl with pink hair there, brutally beating the wall with her bare hands. She turns around and shows the VI tattoo on her cheek. It’s Vi. Series Ending.

Episode 5 («Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

The episode begins with flashbacks of Caitlin. As a kid, she was a very good shot and won championships, and her mentor was a policewoman who was framed by Marcus, now the girl’s supervisor and sheriff of Piltover.

The shot flies over to the cemetery, where they are honoring the police officers who died in the incident that Jinx caused. Marcus scandalously comes to Silko and demands that he give up someone who can be put away to cover up the case. The villain points him to the gang of flyboys from the previous series who tried to destroy the contraband, and also gives him a small amount of money. To help the victims.

Meanwhile, Victor and Jace discuss Hexteck’s future and what can be conjured with his help. Victor is dying, he is spitting blood and feeling very weak. This is why he is trying to learn a new craft to save himself. Jace instructs Marcus to strengthen the city’s defenses and increase the number of sentries at the posts.

Jinx is having fun with the stolen magic stone that Jace and Victor stabilized. The girl tries to activate it and even assembles a similar mechanism from improvised materials. At that moment, an explosion occurs, similar to the same one that killed all of the girl’s friends. An unpleasant reference manifests itself in the memory and opens an old mental wound of Jinx.

Using Jace’s connections, Caitlin manages to break Vi out of jail. The girls go to Zaun to gather information on Silko. Going through old acquaintances, Vi gets the necessary information and gets on the trail of one of the subordinates of the old enemy. The partners arrive at a local brothel and talk to an old friend of Vi’s, the head of the local prostitutes. She points out Seviko, who may know exactly where Powder is.

Meanwhile, Jinx comes to an old shelter that her friends used as children. There she finds the familiar machine that Vi used to use and falls just short of her older sister’s record. In a rage, she shoots the mannequin. She is still suffering from the pain of her loss.

Meanwhile, Medard’s counselor motivates Jace to sway the rest of the council to let him continue Hexteck’s research. In one evening, the young scientist has swayed almost all of the councilors to his side except for one, Heimerdinger. A romance develops between Medarda and Jace; it even comes to sex.

Victor continues to sit in front of a new kind of hextac core at night and experiment. The scientist expectorates blood on the table, which is absorbed by the crystal. At that moment, the man has an insight. Victor continues to die, and Jace vows to help him find answers to the question.

Silko leads Jinx to the bay where he was nearly drowned by Wander. He tells the girl about his past and bluntly says that he needs to be able to let go. The villain tries to drown Powder’s negative memories and finally sway her to his side, as well as get her to stop thinking about Vi.

Vi gets separated from Caitlin and finds Seviko. The girl ruthlessly rushes at her and starts a fight, during which her opponent exposes her secret weapon – a mechanical arm created with the help of Himtek. In the heat of battle, Vi is almost defeated and suffers a deep wound.

At the last moment, Caitlin manages to turn off her powerful arm with a skillful shotgun blast. Thus begins a beautiful friendship between the young detective and the ex-convict. Vi affectionately calls Caitlin “Cupcake.” LoL fans know that the shooter has a soft spot for these sweet treats. Silko’s assistant runs to him in a panic and tells him about Vi’s return. End of episode.

Episode 6 («When These Walls Come Tumbling Down»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

The episode begins with a fragment of Victor’s childhood. The young man had little contact with his peers and preferred to spend his time constructing different mechanisms. During a walk, he finds the same scientist, who looks very similar to Sinjet. The man is engaged in breeding mutants and even shows the boy one of them. However, he dies. Apparently, it is at this point that Victor decides to devote his mind to saving lives.

Meanwhile, Jace meets with Medara and complains about Victor’s suffering. Life continues to leave him, and the young scientist is furious that he can’t help his friend.

At this point, the frame flips to Jinx, who learns from the bartender that Silko’s gang is catching two unknown girls, and Sevika knows about it. Jinx ambushes her and interrogates her mercilessly. She tells her about Vi and the peacemaker girl (we’re talking about Caitlin). Powder falls into a state of frenzy and hangs Silko’s assistant from the ceiling.

Silko comes to visit Marcus. The villain threatens the sheriff for letting Vi out of custody. The criminal mastermind explicitly hints at dire consequences in case of failure to catch Vi.

Victor continues his experiments with Hexteck. He succeeds in using magic to grow plants, but the fruits created do not live very long. Jace promises to help his friend find a clue.

Vi and Caitlin find themselves in the lowest reaches of Zaun. There are fallen people there, who live a miserable existence among the wreckage. There, Caitlin helps Vi recover from her wound and goes in search of help. She finds it in the form of a skinny man – the same one whom Wander protected at the beginning of the cartoon. The man hasn’t forgotten the help he received and decides to help the sheriff cure his friend. Caitlin goes to the local inn, where a potion based on chemicals is prepared for her. Take the vial only after exchanging it for a rifle.

Heimerdinger turns negative against Jace and Victor’s experiments. He orders the scientists to stop their research, even if one of their lives depends on it. Heimerdinger tells them that he has already seen the consequences of magic getting out of control. Jace finds himself angered by his former teacher’s decision and encourages the council members to expel him from the circle, stripping him of his privileges.

Caitlin brings Vi to her senses. At the same time, Jinx climbs onto a high roof. She holds a beacon in her hand that her older sister gave her as a child with the words, “Wherever you are, light it and I will find you.” Powder activates the beacon and is left to wait. In the heat of the chase from her pursuers, Vi notices the blue flame – it has found her.

In the next scene, the two sisters unite. It’s a dramatic scene that brings a tear to the eye, but it’s overshadowed by the appearance of Caitlin. That’s when she learns that Vi and Jinx are sisters. The latter has a mental attack. At that moment the heroines are attacked by criminals on jet boards, who participated in the raid on the illegal cargo. In the heat of battle, the enemies kidnap Vi and the magic crystal. End of the second act.

Episode 7 («The Boy Savior»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

The final act begins with Caitlin and Vi being taken prisoner by unknown raiders. The other is taken in for questioning by the leader of the group. Before the dialog, he removes his mask and shows his face – it’s Ecco, grown up and matronly. Old friends exchanged barbs, reminisced about the past and hugged. As it turned out, the young man had been watching Vi for a long time, but didn’t trust her completely.

Victor came to Sinjet with the purpose to find out how to make the Hextec crystal create life. The sinister scientist holds out a vial of the chemical “Shine” to his dying colleague – it’s the only way it can work: the poison will rearrange the body’s structure. Meanwhile, Jace and Medard’s counselor meet at the forge. The Defender of Tomorrow is forging iron and bemoaning his actions with Heimerdinger, but what he wants most of all is to find Jinx and find out where Victor is.

Meanwhile, Silko meets Sevika. The drug lords call a meeting, they have questions about the actions of the head of the syndicate, and he is eager to find Jinx. His assistant convinces him not to hurry and wait: “She will come herself when she is ripe”.

Jinx is reliving what she’s seen – her sister is alive, and she’s come for her, just as she promised years ago. The adult Powder is even more haunted by the ghosts of the past, causing her to continue to lose her mind.

Ecco shows Vi his community where those affected by Silko’s crimes live. He has set up a chemical smuggling ring, and the young man has gathered everyone around him who wants to stop him. During the dialog, he continues to insist that little Powder can’t be brought back, instead she is now Jinx, who obeys Silko. Vi refuses his words and continues to believe that she can call upon her sister’s memories and bring her back.

Jace finds Victor on the bridge to Piltover. The Counselor rebukes his friend for making a dangerous sortie after the gates have closed. Because of this, the scientist refuses to tell him about the chemical Sinjet gave him.

Silko and Sevika go to a meeting with drug lords. The boss’s subordinates are not happy, as the supply of the chemical has been drastically reduced and revenues have plummeted. However, Silko also has something to say: his assistant sprays a caustic gas around the room, which causes asphyxiation in everyone who inhales it. During a “nice” conversation, King Zauna warns everyone present to keep their hands to themselves and watch their language to avoid worse consequences. Gathering affirmative nods from everyone, the pair depart.

Meanwhile, Jinx finds Silko in his office and begins to interrogate him. She is very curious as to why her sister suddenly showed up alive, even though her “friend” told her otherwise. The bandit again manipulates the girl with the help of childhood traumas and resentments, and also blatantly lies that Vi came not for her, but for the stone, and for extra security she took a peacekeeper (it’s about Caitlin).

Ecco and Vi get reacquainted with Caitlin. The detective passes a small trust test and tells his new friends about the magical gem that is still with them. Ecco wants to use its power to fight Silko, but the peacemaker convinces him to return the stone to Piltover and give it to Jace. Caitlin sees that Zaun has fallen into disrepair and she is extra motivated to help him. Ecco agrees, but on one condition: he will hand the stone to the counselor himself.

At the lab, Jace, Victor, and Medard discuss the bomb that Jinx made. The scientists conclude that its creator could use the Hextec to create a weapon, so the Counselor insists that it’s time for them to act as well. Victor and Jace refuse the idea at first, but then the senior advisor takes time to think and withdraws, while Victor conducts an experiment with the chemical he got from Synjet.

Caitlin, Vi, and Ecco head to Piltover and walk across the bridge. At the last minute, Vi decides to go back to Zaun and look for Jinx. Unfortunately, she was watching the boys at the same moment and she really didn’t like the hug between her older sister and the peacekeeper, who she only sees as an adversary. Vi turns around and walks back.

Ecco and Caitlin meet the garrison, which is led by Marcus. The fake cop figures out that his subordinate is carrying the stone – and he needs it too, to get it back to Silko. He shoots Ecco and prepares to shoot Caitlin, but seconds before he does, Jinx stages a diversion. She kills all the peacekeepers and Marcus.

A mind blowing action scene involving Ecco and Jinx then unfolds while Vi rescues Caitlin and carries her to safety. The childhood friends throw themselves at each other and Ecco comes out victorious, but Jinx manages to throw a grenade and blow them both up. Series Ending.

Episode 8 («Oil and Water»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

The episode begins with a flashback to Counselor Medarda’s childhood. As it turns out, she is from Noxus, and her mother taught her from childhood to be a cruel ruler, as befits an heir to the throne. However, the girl preferred to solve conflicts in other ways. Because of this, there was discord in the family, and young Mel was simply kicked out.

As it turns out, Jinx still managed to steal the magic gem before the bomb exploded. Caitlin and Vi ran away from the bridge, but Silko and his handmaidens came there. They took the injured girl right in front of Vi – she again failed to be near her little sister at the right moment, as Caitlin needed help. Later, the peacekeepers and Jace arrive at the bridge. He sees the corpses of Marcus’ soldiers and has a burping attack.

Caitlin and Vi managed to get to the detective’s house and break into her room through the window. At that moment, they were caught by the girl’s parents and invited her for a private conversation. The unexpected guest was left waiting in the room. Caitlin tells her family everything she has learned and seeks an audience with the Council. A frank dialog follows, after which both heroines will understand each other even more.

Silko brings the dying Jinx to Sinjet and asks him to help her. The scientist has a remedy – the chemical he gave Victor. However, he has other plans for the girl, so he injects Silko with a sleeping pill with the phrase “I had a daughter too”. At this time, Celica is found by one of the drug lords – he tries to sway her to his side with cheap manipulations. In fact, he asks her to betray Silko and join him. The assistant refuses him and sends him away.

Mel’s mother, a spectacular and large woman of Noxian blood, arrives in Piltover. She is aware of the problems with Zaun and offers her help as an experienced warlord, but Mel rejects her help. Later, Medard Sr. meets with Jace and reminds him once again that Piltover may be destroyed.

Heimerdinger is banished from Piltover, and comes to Zaun. He finds some not-so-pleasant scenes in the streets of the rotten city, and then meets the wounded Ecco. The scientist immediately appreciates the young man’s engineering talents, but finds some flaws in his flying board.

Caitlin and Vi appear before the Council and tell them everything that is going on in the lower city: hunger, poverty, disease and dependence on the Shining. Jace won’t listen to the girls and is eager to fight, but all the councilors prefer to solve the problem diplomatically. At this point, Vi explodes and criticizes the council’s inaction.

Meanwhile, Victor evaluated the first results of the experiment with the Shining and the Hextech Core on his own body. His sick leg was healed and became much stronger than usual, so much so that the scientist learned to develop huge speeds when running. He decided to continue his experiments, but he ran out of the chemical. Nevertheless, the scientist decided to interact with the nucleus once again, which his assistant saw and tried to stop him. As a result, there was an explosion that killed her.

Vi meets Jace in his workshop, where he is already preparing a war hammer and combat gauntlets based on Hextec gems. The heroes exchange a few words and agree to cooperate. Vai tells the Defender of Tomorrow about Silko’s Shining factories, and the heroes decide to organize a raid.

What follows is a fast-paced action scene with a raid on a chemical factory, during which Jace and Vi show the full power of the Hextec weapons. They have no problem dealing with the factory guards, but in the heat of battle the counselor accidentally kills an innocent boy. He turns out to be the son of one of the drug lords. At this point, Caitlin gathers her strength and decides to help Vi by all means. Series Ending.

Episode 9 («The Monster You Created»)

Plot Arcane. Detailed description of each episode for those who are too lazy to watch

The episode directly continues the previous one, with the action taking place after the raid on Silko’s factory. Jace thinks he’s a murderer because of the incident with the boy, and Vi tries to calm down the counselor. The latter demands the return of the hextec gloves. The girl refuses and prepares to fight for them, but at the last moment Jace decides to leave and leave her the gloves, while Vi destroys the chemical tank.

Silko arrives at the factory after the massacre by Vi and Jace. As it turns out, the dead boy was a member of a crime baroness who is part of the Zaun ringleaders’ circle. She turns negative on Silko for the death of her son, and he leaves and asks his assistant Celica to help the woman with the body.

Victor mourns the death of his assistant, who tried to stop his experiment with the Hextech core. The scientist finds her letter and tearfully reads it and later looks at the magic stone. It has changed, it beckons Victor – he grabs a chair and prepares to hit it, but turns around at the last moment. The nucleus gives the scientist an electric shock and he passes out.

Mel meets with her mother. The counselor is unhappy with her mother’s last dialog with Jace, after which he decided to storm Silko’s factory. Medard Sr. tells Mel that her brother’s killer is still a threat to their family, so it would help them a lot to have a hextec weapon. The daughter tearfully asks why her mother kicked her out of the house, and an emotional dialog about family values ensues.

Two crime barons and Celica came to Silko’s office. One of them starts hinting to the boss that it’s time for him to resign. At that moment, the assistant goes behind her mentor’s back, but a sharp stab with the blade goes straight for the aggressor’s throat. After an act of loyalty, Silko discovers a letter on the table with the Talis family’s mark – it was sent by Jace.

Silko and Jace met on the waterfront. The Counselor proposed to Zaun to make peace, to which the bandit was ready to agree, but only after fulfillment of some conditions. Among them: free trade, general amnesty, unrestricted access to the Hexwraths and sovereignty. In return, Jace demands that Silko halt production of the Flicker, return the Hextec gem… and surrender the Jinx. This is the end of the leaders’ dialog.

Heimerdinger and Ecco arrived at the Arsonists’ base, where the seasoned scientist once again inquired as to why the young man was using a flying board. In response, the entire community began to cheer and cheer for their leader in honor of his return. Ekko emphasized that in order to survive, you have to give people hope.

What follows next is a super dynamic action scene between Vi and Celica. Yes, they meet again in battle, however this time no one will stop them. The bouncer girl defeats her opponent by ripping off the chemtech’s arm. At that moment, Jinx appears and knocks Vi out.

Jace summons the council and tells them of further action on Piltover’s part. The scientist asks the councilors to recognize that the Upper City has been disgusted with Zaun, and it is time to make peace. The councilors are extremely indignant at such an act, and a massive argument ensues.

Now begins the final and most emotional scene of the series. Jinx has taken Vi captive and made a heartfelt confession to her that it was only thanks to her older sister that she was able to survive and become what she has become. Silko and Caitlin then appear in the frame – they too have turned out to be Jinx’s captives.

Vi and Silko try to pit Jinx against each other, but the sheriff manages to get out of the ropes and grab a machine gun. Powder shows off her superpower from her Shine injection – a momentary spurt, after which she snatches the gun and accidentally shoots Silko. After an emotional scene, Jinx launches a super-powered missile at council headquarters, which combines the power of Hexteck and Chemtech. End of Season One.

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