MID (solo mid laner) in League of Legends

Unlike the top solo line, the center line is most often played by mages. The difference between the top and middle lines is that on the center line it is much closer to run to your tower and it is much easier for the player to save his life in the event of a gank by the enemy jungler. To learn how to play solo mid laner, use smurf accounts from happysmurf.com.

Playing on the center lane is very responsible, since you not only have to keep an eye on your opponent, but also quickly react to the situation on other lines and, if necessary, you may need to go help your allies. For example, if you see that your forester successfully ganked the bottom line and your allies went to kill the Dragon, then it is better to leave your line for a while and go help them in this event, unless of course this does not greatly affect your farm.

The player from the center line can get to each of the lines equally quickly, so he has a special responsibility.

Up to level 6, as a rule, the player on the center line simply farms and in every possible way prevents his opponent from doing the same. Some champions are very strong at the beginning, and some need time to level up and buy certain artifacts. In general, there are no super champions. It’s just that each hero has its own characteristics and you either understand them and take advantage of the champion’s advantages, or you just stand there stupidly, and then say that your champion can’t do anything.


The majority of mid lane champions are mages, but there are also a few physical damage champions that are good counters to mages. It is on this principle that I would like to introduce you to the most famous champions for the central line.

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