Guide to Naafiri in League of Legends: runes, build, tips

Naafiri’s abilities

The main feature of Naafiri will be summoning hounds using the passive skill. The character himself has a fairly simple set of skills that will be great for both newbies and MOBA veterans.

“One of a kind” (passive skill).

Naafiri summons pack members that attack targets hit by a skill or autoattack. Calling each hound has a cooldown of 30 seconds, but is significantly reduced for damage on a champion.

At the beginning of the game, Naafiri starts with two hounds. Upon reaching level nine, the champion gains another hound.

“Daggers of Darkin (Q).

The champion fires up to two daggers at a target. If she bleeds, the skill deals additional damage and increases bleeding.

Naafiri’s main skill, which should be pumped to its maximum. The skill helps to fluff the line and chase enemies.

“Prey Chase (W).

Naafiri and pack members dash and deal damage to the first enemy. The skill will help shorten the distance with the enemy. Champion and Hounds will jump over most walls when using Leap, so the skill will help you catch up to the target after using Leap.

Gutting” (E)

Naafiri takes a small leap and deals area damage to enemies. The skill recalls all pack members, but brings them back after landing, restoring health.

The skill is ideal for teamfights and late-game fluff. The skill will help save hounds from area damage, shorten the distance and maximize damage. With the skill you can also overcome small walls, which comes in handy when chasing.

“Call of the Pack” (R).

Naafiri doubles the number of hounds, and pack members gain extra movement speed and reveal nearby enemies. The first attack of an enemy champion will give the heroine a shield, and a kill will renew all ultimates effects.

Ideal skill for a midrange roamer. Try to use the skill to catch a lumberjack on a tug or help your allies on the other lane. In teamfight, look for a fragile target to maximize the effect of buffs.

Naafiri’s skill progression order

The first is to fully learn Q. The skill has a slightly reduced cooldown, but the damage increases a lot, which will help on the line. The next maxed E, which has not such a big cooldown, but a little less damage. Ultimates are traditionally taken out of turn, and then get W, which is needed only to get close to the target.

Runes on Naafiri

Three rune options are relevant for Naafiri: two through dominance and one through inspirations. The builds are designed to maximize the champion’s damage and speed up ultimates cooldown. The champion has some mana issues, so each build has an ability to help with the recovery of the parameter. In each build, you can replace the small health rune with magic resistance or armor if you have a strong mage or assassin on the line.

Naafiri items

Naafiri’s mythical artifacts are best suited for two variants: “Yomuu’s Phantom Blade” and “Eclipse”. Among the legendary items, “Black Axe” and “Debt Collector” show excellent synergy with the character, as the armor removal and the reach effect are activated by the hounds. Because of the two jerks, the “Hunter’s Claw” fits perfectly on the champion, and “Night’s Edge” can be replaced by “Serilda’s Grudge” if the opponent’s team has a lot of tanks or allies lack control. If the opponent has a lot of shields, you should take “Serpent’s Fang”.

Who to take against Naafiri

Naafiri is a fragile assassin, so the best choice against her is a bruiser with explosive damage like Jace or Irelia. A strong tank like Malfit will also do well. From the classic mages you can try Anivia or Orianna against Darkin.

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