Silent Hill Ascension unveiled creepy monsters

During the current Tokyo Game Show 2023 the authors of Silent Hill: Ascension presented new concept arts of the interactive horror game.

On these illustrations you can see the creepy monsters that will be encountered by one of the main characters. Details about the origin of these scary creatures and the situation itself have not been revealed yet.

Network thriller will tell about the adventures of several characters in different parts of the world, to make decisions about the fate of which will have to gamers.

The developers previously mentioned that the game will be a mixture of a movie and a game, and players will be given a limited time to make decisions in the story.

Each character will have multiple options for ending the story, and streams on the game will be held daily. Those who miss the broadcasts and decision-making will be able to view the events as separate “episodes of the game.” The first version of the story development will be considered canonical.

Silent Hill: Ascension is expected to be released later this year, but there is no exact release date yet.

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