A slutty Hogwarts student cosplaying a Slytherin girl from “Harry Potter.”

Russian-speaking Korean Tami Yuurei made a cosplay of a Slytherin student from the fictional fantasy universe of “Harry Potter”. The girl published the photo shoot in “VKontakte” after the release of the game Hogwarts Legacy, although she noted that she was interested in this franchise long before the release of AAA-title from Warner Bros.

Slytherin, according to the lore of J.K. Rowling’s book universe, is considered a faculty for cunning people who put their own interests first. The calculating and cold-blooded nature of Slytherin students often leads them to experiment with dark magic and become “evil wizards”, although studying at this Hogwarts faculty does not in itself guarantee that one is evil in the flesh. The cosplayer revealed that she likes Slytherin more than other faculties.

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