Sassy Tifa Lockhart is a cosplay on the heroine of Final Fantasy VII

Russian model Natalia Narga Kochetkova presented a cosplay on Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the photo shoot the girl used the original image of the heroine from the game. The pictures are posted in the group Narga Aoki cosplay in “VKontakte”.

Tifa Lockhart – the key character of the seventh part of Final Fantasy. The girl is a member of the rebel organization “LAWINA” and is a childhood friend of Cloud Strife – the leader of a group of mercenaries, which is dedicated to the plot of the game.

According to Kochetkova, she has always liked the image of Tifa Lockhart, and after the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake, this feeling has only intensified. Narga also revealed that she plans to release cosplay of all the heroines of the seventh installment of the RPG.

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