Dota 2 7.34c update with fixes and improvements has been released

The latest Dota 2 update, version 7.34c, has been released on PC via Steam. According to the official Dota 2 patch notes, the update addresses several gameplay issues, including bug fixes related to items, hero abilities, and interaction. Notably, the update also addresses issues related to in-game items.

Past major Dota 2 updates have included new maps, significant gameplay adjustments, changes to the player recruitment system, and UI updates. However, despite all of these improvements, players continued to encounter various issues while playing the game. The new Dota 2 patch, 7.34c, aims to fix some of these issues.

Here are the highlights from the Dota 2 Patch 7.34c update, dated September 9, 2023:

  • Fixed an issue where using Armlet could result in double death rewards.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Soul Ring to not remove temporary mana when the buff expires.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy flag-bearing creeps would not show their banners.
  • Fixed an issue with shield rune visibility on enemy units now appearing when they attack or are attacked.
  • Fixed instances where the Ion Shell would not display consistently.
  • Ensured that Terrorblade illusions are visually different from the real Terrorblade.
  • Fixed the status bar display for buffs such as Haste, God’s Strength, and Fire Remnant on heroes.
  • Fixed the lack of backdoor protection as a buff indicator on towers and shield icon next to their health.
  • Fixed enemy heroes not having an invisibility effect under friendly sentinels.
  • Haste rune is now correctly displayed as a buff in the status bar and visually on the hero.
  • Fixed an issue where Pudge’s Rot effect was invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where Rubik would steal Death Pact for free when stealing Skeleton Walk from Clinkz.
  • Fixed the interaction between Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear and Monkey King’s Jinggu Mastery stacks.
  • Fixed Spirit Bear deaths not counting towards permanent stacks for Axe, Necrophos, Slark, Lion, and Tidehunter.
  • Corrected the damage taken by Devastator when killing a Spirit Bear.
  • Spirit Bear attacks have been adjusted so that they no longer count as hero attacks when targeting Clinkz Skeletons, Lich Ice Spire, Phoenix Supernova, Pugna Nether Ward, Tidehunter Dead in the Water anchor, Undying Tombstone, and Zeus Nimbus.
  • Spirit Bear Death will no longer upgrade Axe Culling Blade and reduce Windranger Focus Fire’s cooldown when using a level 25 talent.
  • Ensured that Lone Druid Spirit Bear is correctly displayed as the unit name on the mini-map.
  • Fixed a bug where Tormentir would not grant Spirit Bear Shard if Lone Druid already has the Shard, and would not allow allies to receive Tormentir’s gold reward if they all already have the Shard.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tormentor particles to sometimes be visible in Fog of War.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inventory item icons to sometimes disappear when dragged.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some item ability effects to not overlap in weapon/loadout.
  • Ensured that some items received as rewards for free events are now visible in the armory.
  • Fixed an issue with Taunt slot saving in custom sets.
  • Adjusted the default global light and shadow colors on Autumn terrain.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some magic resistance and physical resistance percentages to be incorrectly rounded down.
  • Fixed another bug that caused units with zero health or mana regeneration values to incorrectly display as negative zero due to quantization effects in network coding.
  • Fixed an issue with a crash in Workshop Tools.

This comprehensive Dota 2 update aims to improve the overall gameplay experience by fixing a number of issues and providing necessary patches. With these improvements, players will be able to enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable Dota 2 experience.

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