Support in League of Legends

The role of the support champion is one of the most complex and important. Support plays most often on the bottom line along with his damage dealer. The main task of a support is to protect his ally on the line. At the same time, the support stands on the line for a reason; he is constantly looking for the moment to inflict damage on the enemy and not get hit in return. The support champion in no case touches the minions, since only the damage dealer should finish them off and receive the maximum amount of gold. To learn how to play sappport, use smurf accounts from

The same goes for killing enemy champions. That is, it is your damage dealer who must kill all the enemies, and you receive gold for your help. If, for example, you see that the enemy has one hit of health left and your damage dealer is about to finish him off, then there is no need to interfere and steal the frag. For a support, it is very important to learn how to correctly look for the moment to attack. In other words, you should attack the enemy when your ally can instantly help you and will not suffer from loss of farm. Under no circumstances should you attack enemies if your ally is not nearby. Most likely this will lead to you simply dying and you should not blame your ally for this.


The second important task of a support is the installation of wards (totems). If you don’t know where to place wards, then I advise you to read the article Guide to Using Totems (Warding). At the beginning of the game, the support at least needs to protect his line from an unexpected gank, that is, place the wards correctly and watch the mini map. The support also looks after other lines. Of course, this does not mean that the support abandons his line and runs in an unknown direction. First of all, you should think about your allied damage dealer.

The difficulty of playing as a sport also lies in the fact that, in essence, you must have a good understanding of the game of other champions. For example, you need to know the approximate timings of the forester’s farming, as this will help you place wards in the river area in time and protect yourself and your ally from ganks.


In the middle of the game, the support moves around the map with his AD Carry and makes sure that he does not die. You must understand that the life of the damage dealer is much more important than yours, especially when it comes to a team battle. If the damage dealer dies, this will lead to everyone dying, and if the support dies, the team will still be able to survive it.

From all of the above it follows that you must protect your comrade at the cost of your own life. Also, in the middle of the game, teams usually begin to actively move around the map and the support should already be placing wards all over the map. If your team dominates the map, then you install totems in the area of ​​the enemy forest, but if you have to defend, then you try to place wards in your forest.

At the late stage of the game, the support always runs with his team and participates in every battle, trying to protect his allies as effectively as possible. Depending on what type of support you choose, your behavior during the battle will also change. All supports can be divided into approximately 3 groups: classic supports, aggressive mage supports and tank supports. Below I would like to present you with a list of all these supports by group.

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