TOP (solo top laner) in League of Legends

The top lane is somewhat reminiscent of the game on the center lane, but here, as a rule, there are champions with a good supply of health and melee attack. Unlike the center line, on the top line it is much more difficult to defend against a jungler’s gank, so playing on this line is sometimes much more difficult. To learn how to play solo top laner, use smurf accounts from Knowing that champions in the top lane are very vulnerable, junglers often attack this lane first. Champions who play in the top lane are very different from each other. There are champions with powerful abilities, there are champions with good initiating skills, there are tanks, marksmen and even magicians.


It is important to understand that a player on the top line can mainly count only on the help of his forester, since his allies will definitely not come to him from other lines (maximum from the center). In other words, this is not just a solo line, but a line in which it is your experience and skill that decide who will emerge victorious from each battle. It is also worth understanding that even wards you buy solely for your protection and support will not come running to you from the bottom line.


In many ways, the success of playing in the top lane depends on how well you can farm and properly counter your opponent. Considering that most of the top lane champions have melee attacks, you will have to constantly engage in fights. That is, even simple farming will be very different, for example, from AD Carry farming on the bottom line. The player from the top line begins to move around the map much later than his allies. As a rule, when playing as a solo topper, you should at least destroy the first tower in the lane and only then go to help your allies.


As mentioned above, a solo player on the top lane is very dependent on the arrivals of the enemy and allied jungler. You must constantly keep one eye on the mini map and instantly react to the appearance of foresters. It will be just great if you have your own experience playing for foresters. This way you can better understand the enemy and have an approximate idea of where the enemy jungler might be at the moment.

At the late stage of the game, you are already starting to run with your team and fulfill the role assigned to your champion. That is, if you are the initiator of the fight, then you must choose the right moment and start the fight first, taking the first blow. If you are a tank, then of course you should be on the front line and protect your allies in every possible way.

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