League of Legends: Best Champions for Newbies

Welcome to the world of League of Legends and smurf accounts! If you’re just getting started with this action-packed game, you might be wondering which champions are the best to begin with. Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered with some champion recommendations that are newbie-friendly and easy to pick up.

1. Garen (Top Lane)

Garen is often recommended for new players because he’s simple yet effective. He’s a beefy, sword-wielding warrior who can take a lot of damage and dish it out too. Garen’s abilities are straightforward, making him an excellent choice for mastering the basics of top lane.

2. Ashe (Bottom Lane – ADC)

Ashe is an archer and marksman, perfect for the bottom lane. She excels at dealing damage from a distance and comes with a helpful utility spell, her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which can stun enemies from afar. Her basic attacks are easy to grasp, making her a solid choice for beginners.

3. Annie (Mid Lane)

Annie is a powerful mage with a straightforward playstyle. Her Q ability, Disintegrate, is easy to understand and can be used to last-hit minions for gold. Her passive ability, Pyromania, also stuns enemies, making her a versatile choice for the mid lane.

4. Amumu (Jungle)League of Legends: Best Champions for Newbies

If you’re interested in jungle role, Amumu is a great pick. He’s a friendly mummy who excels at crowd control and teamfighting. His abilities are relatively simple to use, and he’s known for his game-changing ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, which can stun multiple enemies.

5. Soraka (Support)

For those who prefer a supportive role, Soraka is a fantastic choice. She’s a celestial healer who can keep her teammates alive with her abilities. Soraka’s kit is relatively easy to understand, and she can make a significant difference in team fights by keeping allies healthy.

6. Malphite (Top Lane or Support)

Malphite is a solid pick for both the top lane and support role. He’s a rock-solid tank with a straightforward kit. His ultimate ability, Unstoppable Force, allows him to initiate team fights effectively. As a support, he can protect and peel for the ADC.

7. Master Yi (Top Lane or Jungle)

If you’re looking for a champion who excels at melee combat, Master Yi is a good choice. He’s relatively easy to pick up and play effectively. His Alpha Strike ability can clear jungle camps quickly, making him a viable option for the jungle or top lane.

Remember, while these champions are beginner-friendly, it’s important to try out different champions to discover your personal playstyle and preferences. Don’t be discouraged by losses; practice and experience are the keys to improving in League of Legends. So, pick a champion, head onto the Rift, and have a blast!

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