Hextech Chests / Keys in League of Legends

First of all, it’s worth understanding where hextech chests and the keys to them come from. After all, it is from the chests that you can get fragments of champion images and other goodies. The most common way is to play certain champions well. If you or one of your teammates receives an S-, S or S+ at the end of the match, you will be given a Hextech Chest. It sounds simple, but in reality it is not easy to achieve such an assessment. You will have to train well and find smart friends who will also have a good level of play.

It is important to note that the Hextech chest can only be obtained once per champion. At the end of the season, this restriction is reset. Thus, it will not be possible to constantly play on one champion and earn chests. It is necessary to master as many new characters as possible and increase your overall level of play. If you forgot which champion you have already received a chest with and which one you haven’t, you can see this on the “Champions” tab. This is not the only limitation associated with chests. You can receive a new chest no more than once every 7 days. At the same time, if, for example, you do not enter the game for a month, then you will accumulate 4 chests, which you can receive in the future, but no more. Thus, in a month you can get 4 chests, which is actually quite good.

After all, the chests may contain an interesting image of the champion, which can only be purchased for real money. The new hextech crafting system allows you to obtain champion skins without any real investment in the game. Yes, the images will appear randomly, but you must agree that this is better than nothing at all. If you buy a Hextech chest from the store for 125 RP, it will not count towards the system above. You can purchase up to 25 chests per day.

With the chests, I think it has become more or less clear, but there is one more catch. To open the chest you need a Hextech key.


Of course, the key can be bought in the store for real money, but there are other ways. For example, a key can be purchased during various events, but as a rule, players try to buy some rare items during events: chests, emotions, and so on. The next option for obtaining keys is the simplest and most popular.

When your allies thank you after the match (it’s best to play with randoms), then your honor level not only increases, but you are also given key fragments for this. One key is collected from three fragments, and within a month you can get a maximum of 12 fragments (or 4 keys). This option seems somehow complicated and even confusing, but this is only at first glance.

Hextech Chests / Keys in League of Legends

If, for example, you play as a support and at the same time help the team in every possible way, then you will be praised very often and there will be no problems with fragments of keys. Of course, the support role is just a recommendation. Just try to be friendly and helpful to your team and praise will follow.

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