Patch 7.34c for Dota 2 reduces the strength of some heroes that were considered too strong

Patch 7.34c for Dota 2 represents another attempt to bring balance to the game’s roster of heroes. The update released over the weekend made changes to 57 heroes, with most of them being relatively minor. The changes primarily affected heroes such as Nature’s Prophet and Gyrocopter, who are the top heroes in the current metagame and are doing well in their roles.

In this patch, the changes primarily affect neutral items, with special attention paid to two powerful tier 1 items – Occult Bracelet and Spark of Courage. Aside from a slight reduction in Solar Crest’s movement speed, these items have received adjustments.

Nature’s Prophet has had his base dexterity significantly reduced from 20 to 14. This significant reduction greatly affects his effectiveness in the early game, which was one of his strengths. He becomes more susceptible to physical damage and reduced attack speed. Additionally, Sprout’s ability now grants healing when using Tango, offering support heroes with limited item slots an alternative to buying Quelling Blade, at least in the early game.

Gyrocopter has also undergone changes: dexterity gain has been reduced, Flak Cannon and its associated talents have been adjusted. These changes include moving Flak Cannon’s additional attacks to a later level, reducing the spell’s damage, and increasing its duration. Collectively, these changes are designed to make Gyrocopter less effective at farming in the early and mid game, negatively impacting its damage in the late game.

In addition, significant changes have been made to heroes such as Invoker, Vengeful Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Dawnbreaker, who have dominated both professional and public matches in recent weeks.


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